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SAB is a one-stop service, provides IT solutions for your business.

We are a full-service Digital Agency that offer Web Development, E-Commerce, Custom Software, and Mobile Apps. All integrated with Digital Marketing, SAB fulfils your technology and business needs. Started in Cologne, Germany and now we're in Indonesia's capital city.

The Backstory

SAB is a group of modern IT geeks that obsessed with beautiful, fast, smooth websites. Started with some personal projects, we improved and get excellent at what we do. It turns out other people see that too.

Now, SAB provides various services to support you in this digital era. Website development as one of our primary service, E-Commerce builder for your excellent products, Custom Software because you need something to optimise your business, and Mobile Apps if you want to create the next big thing for the market. To assist and boost your business, digital marketing is the way to go. Good news, we're great at it too.


Our portfolio is like our footprints. The improvement from time to time, the learning experience and the happy clients that we're proud of. Here you can find our selected works that we display to give you the idea of how can we transform your dream into reality.


SAB Portfolio duacoffee cipete
SAB Portfolio legalindo
SAB Portfolio gitasav
SAB Portfolio btc echo
SAB Portfolio FB
SAB portfolio karrieretag.org
SAB portfolio karrieretag.org
 SAB Portfolio WGC


SAB portfolio aleza.co.id
SAB portfolio wirawanbatik
SAB portfolio trinkkost.de
SAB portfolio gordi coffee shop
 SAB portfolio strong fitness.de
SAB portfolio midmodern.de
SAB portfolio meinebackbox.de
SAB portfolio aboandmore
SAB portfolio armatron
SAB portfolio naturally-homemades
SAB portfolio bibo-runge-wein

Custom Software

SAB Portfolio pakde.co.id
SAB Portfolio jakarta beride.id
SAB Portfolio btc echo
SAB portfolio Waskita

Mobile Apps

SAB Portfolio FBZ Köln
SAB Portfolio onepiece.co.id
SAB portfolio kiteboardingfehmarn.de

Digital Marketing

SAB Portfolio ambeien-wasir.id
SAB portfolio fischers-fritze
SAB Portfolio ambeien-wasir.id

Content Creation

SAB portfolio cosyme
SAB portfolio vandyckkaffee.de
SAB portfolio yamo.ch


We always believe that service is everything. From conception, designing, prototyping, execution, maintenance and optimisation, we offer a whole package to simplify your life and ours. The various services we provide comes from our years of experience and the perfection of project management.


WordPress or other CMS. PHP or Node.js. Static or Dynamic. You have imagination to tell. We have the solution to create them.


From WooCommerce to Shopify, from Prestashop to Magento. We make the platform based on your requirement and your product. Money comes once your E-Commerce is online.

Custom Software

Whether you need a desktop or web application, we're ready to optimise your business with it. ERP or POS, do you think you need those two? Let us make the software that suits you.

Mobile Apps

Do you want to build an app but don't know where to start? Do you have a dream project but never got it rightly executed? Don't worry. Talk to us.

Digital Marketing

SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media Marketing. 360 degree. The last research says 75% of the total marketing budget will go to Digital Marketing. Invest your money in what matters.

Content Creation

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are only the platforms. They mean nothing if you have no content, whether the text, photo or video. Be relevant. Be standout. Tell the world your story.

Our Precious Clients

SAB client Aleza
SAB client Bosch Automotive Cikarang
SAB client Coworking Space and Business Center
SAB client Jakarta Smart City DKI
SAB client Kettler Sport
SAB client One Piece japanese salon
SAB client Pakde Paket Delivery
SAB client Pemprov DKI Jakarta
SAB client Pemprov Jabar Jawa Barat
SAB client RTL TV Television
SAB client PT Servier Indonesia Ardium
SAB client Waskita Karya BUMN


“ I appraise SAB for its reliability and the deliverability. We've worked together for many projects, and I got the impression that SAB always tries to give their best and that what makes me satisfied to work with them. ”

- Felix Bauer (felix-bauer.de, woogency.de)

“ SAB helped us not only for our brand awareness but also the sales conversion. Budget management is transparent, and they hit the agreed KPI. That's what I'm always looking for from an agency. ”

- Ariandes Veddytarro (PT Servier Indonesia)

“ SAB has become our partner since Tiko and I met at the conference. The various services they provide and the networking they have are the foundation of our mutually beneficial partnership. ”

- Billtraviano Harda (DOT.co.id)


Clients and Partners


Projects Delivered


Cups of White Tea per Year



We consider that technology is the backbone of future proof products. The advancement of knowledge is something we regularly catch up. We ensure that the technology we implement is right for your project and can continuously support your business. Here are the tech products we're using in building your project and also help us have a smooth working flow.

wordpress SAB tech logo


Do you want to have an excellent personal blog or an elegant company landing page? WordPress is perfect for your purpose. I think we're perfect for you, too.

laravel SAB tech logo


We build our high-quality custom web apps in Laravel. Now it is your turn to tell us your dream project.

android SAB tech logo


Google's Android is mega popular, and everybody owns one. Let's build the next big thing app for Android users.

WooCommerce SAB tech logo


WordPress is not only for bloggers – nearly 30% of all E-Commerce in the world goes through WooCommerce. Please have a try and let it surprises you.

Shopify SAB tech logo


Do you want to have an E-Commerce? Let us introduce you to this Canadian software company that helped Kylie Jenner make a billion dollars. Let us support you to build one.

Magento SAB tech logo


The ultimate E-Commerce solution for the world. It's powerful, robust and sophisticated. Don't get lost. Stand by us to get the best platform you can think of.

java SAB tech logo


A classic one and eternally in use. Everything you can imagine you can build on Java. Don't know where to start? It starts at our first meeting point.

codeigniter SAB tech logo


It's a simple and elegant toolkit to create your web apps. We use this framework to make our shared platform with the government of DKI Jakarta. Nice right?

netlify SAB tech logo


Page speed is everything. We're using Netlify to host static websites we've created. They make sure you get the web site's content (averagely) under to 2 seconds.

UpCloud SAB tech logo


It's an awesome cloud service we use for our clients. They claim as the world's fastest cloud servers with a 100% uptime SLA. We agree.

Staticaly SAB tech logo


It's that SaaS that does almost everything related to content delivery and level-up the performance. We are so proud because it's local made, original from Yogyakarta.

cloudflare SAB tech logo


Through cache function and high-level security, Cloudflare ensures tremendous availability and reliability from servers.

runcloud SAB tech logo


There are no servers and websites that we don't use RunCloud to manage them. It's perfect for developers or users who are chasing productivity and want to invest their time in what matters. For the servers, leave it to RunCloud.

google analytics SAB tech logo

Google Analytics

Data is everything. Google Analytics helps you to get it and give you the insight into the steps you had better take. An excellent Business Intelligence for your business.

google ads SAB tech logo

Google AdWords

Everybody on the internet is using Google as their search engine. To get the visitor, you have the option to promote your business with Google AdWords. Effective. Also, efficient.

Google Suite SAB tech logo


We make sure your productivity tools placed in one platform. No one can survive without office programs and cloud storage nowadays. Make sure the email you send doesn't land in the spam too.

mailchimp SAB tech logo


Managing customers can be tiring. MailChimp helps you not only to manage them but also blast the email for any campaigns you have. It's a perfect service for Newsletter Marketing.

ahrefs SAB tech logo


As we offer SEO service, we make sure the data for our plan is based on a reliable platform. We trust Ahrefs for the research and monitoring Google ranking for the websites.

Keywordtool.io SAB tech logo


Along with the SEO tools, Keywordtool.io is our go-to service for content creation, especially for writing articles. We also use it to read the market and make the marketing plans.

DashThis SAB tech logo


We have a reporting service and thanks to DashThis our job has become very simple and convenient. It's an Swiss Army knife for cross-platform reporting tools.

slack SAB tech logo


Yeah, sure WhatsApp is cool, and everybody uses it but have you ever tried Slack for your professional communication? We use Slack for our intern. Would you join our chat room?

Jira SAB tech logo


When it comes to Project Management, we rely on nothing but Jira. It's an all in one service in managing your project from prototyping until going live. It's the first page we open in the morning.

Jurnal SAB tech logo


We use Jurnal.id for our accounting, quotation management and also invoicing. It's powerful yet very convenient.

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